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Compare Commercial Debt Collections Agencies. Recover your debt fast.

How often do you have to make debt claims from unpaid invoices?

What we do

By using our service to get in contact with a Debt Collection Agencies to chase bad debt on your behalf could mean recuperating otherwise lost funds, freeing up staff time and giving you peace of mind. Request your no obligation quotation from Debt Collection Agencies. We will give you a quick courtesy call to let you know who will be quoting and to ensure that you are happy to proceed. You will then be contacted directly.

What is the total value of debt?

The number of SME’s experiencing late payments grew from 37% in 2017 to 43% in 2018.

With the average amount owed as £17,000.

Research conducted by Xero’s UK Small Business Insights, based on data taken from 2 million invoices, shows the average British small business is owed

in late payments on any given day.

The cost of recuperating late payments for each business in terms of staff time and interest on borrowing has grown to an average of:

Can your business afford to lose an extra £9000 chasing bad debt?